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Finance Pro Plus

The Client:

Finance Pro Plus is a new financial services company that aims to provide a wide range of financial solutions to individuals and businesses. The company offers services such as business networking, investment advisory, and wealth management.


To create a brand image and establish Finance Pro Plus as a trusted and innovative financial services brand, appealing to a diverse audience and differentiating it from competitors in the market.

  • Logo: A modern and professional logo incorporating elements that signify growth, stability, and trust.

  • Color Scheme: A combination of blue for trust and stability, and green for growth and prosperity.

Brand Identity
  • Launch a user-friendly and responsive website that provides information about the company's services, financial resources, and online account management.

  • Develop a mobile app for convenient access to financial tools and services.

Digital Presence
  • Create engaging and informative flyers, and videos about personal finance, investment strategies, and market trends.

  • Establish Finance Pro Plus as an authority in the financial industry through thought leadership content.

Content Marketing
  • Identify and segment the target audience into different demographics, including young professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals planning for retirement.

Target Audience

Nascar Sponsorship

Twelve months of working with Finance Pro Plus, designing their product logos, social media content & overall branding. They've become an official sponsor of Brennan Poole & now have the Finance Pro Plus logo on his race car for 2024.

Featured Work

These are some selected mixtures of works I've created for Finance Pro Plus.

Logo Design, Social Media Marketing, Animations, Flyers, Videography & Photography.

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