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Manifest Family

The Client:

Manifest Family is an online education platform that offers multiple investment opportunities. Manifest offers their products globally and has over 5000 subscribers.


To create a brand image and establish Manifest Family as a young & vibrant company. Generate content for their social media channels and stick within brand guidelines to create a strong consistent image. Create & Manage the actively used website that offers the educational platform and trading tools.

  • Logo: A modern and professional logo showcasing a strong 'M' that is simple and flexible so it can apply to most subjects.

  • Color Scheme: A combination of black & white on coloured backgrounds and pink blue gradient on plain white backgrounds.

Brand Identity
  • Launch a user-friendly and responsive website that provides information about the company's services, educational resources, and online account management.

  • Develop an online affiliate referral program that can be managed on one platform using API linked to the website.

Digital Presence
  • Create engaging and informative social media posts alongside impactful videos to attract attention from a diverse audience of younger and older audiences.

  • Establish Manifest Family as an authority in the financial educational industry through thought provoking leadership content.

Content Marketing
  • Identify and segment the target audience into different demographics, including young professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals planning for retirement.

Target Audience

Featured Work

The main source of advertisement how Manifest gains its clients is by creating engaging content on its Instagram page. Here you'll find a large portion of the design I've created. Either scan the QR code or click the button below: 

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